Feast Days

Are you living according to the Liturgical Year? Do you want to? My son’s patronal feast day is coming up, and one of the ways we bring Catholicism into our children’s daily lives in a real and tangible way is to celebrate ALL THE FEAST DAYS – not just Christmas and Easter, but first class feasts, name days, sacraments-received aniversaries, and favorite saints feastdays. Each type is celebrated just a little bit differently.

For name days, we don’t invite extra people particularly – unless they just happened to already have plans to be here that day. We make a meal that we know the child in question loves, and a special dessert with him in mind. (Dessert is not a daily occurrence around here. It happens pretty frequently, but always marks something special.) They’re young yet, but maybe as our children grow older and have more responsibilities, we might stack chores on ourselves or other siblings to give the feast-day child a day off. We’ll see!





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