Local Work

There’s an office job a short (walkable) distance from my house, and I’ve recently begun working there just two hours a day three days a week. It’s not a lot of hours, so not a lot of money – but also not a lot of time spent away from my kids. I start early, and end before my husband has to leave for his work, so there’s no worry about finding a trustworthy babysitter or having to pay anyone. I process orders from their website, and answer any uncomplicated emails I can. I leave before the office hours officially start, so I have no co-workers around, and no phones to answer – an introvert’s dream job!

Is there something nearby that you could work into your schedule? What fits your personality? If someone in my position had no one around to take care of the kids, would you want to work out a babysitting gig with her? Maybe on the two work days the other person wasn’t working, she could take your kids, and you could put time into your craft.





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